Mustique is a private and exclusive island in the Eastern Caribbean

Mustique is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines which is a collection of unspoilt islands. It can be reached daily from St. Lucia (50 miles – 20 minutes) or Fri/Sat/Sun (peak season only) from Barbados (110 miles- 40 minutes) on a private or shared charter.

The island is 3 miles long by ½ mile wide; 1,400 acres of rolling hills and lush terrain and is owned by the Home Owners and run by the Mustique Company. There are 90 beautiful private villas hidden along the shorelines and hillsides, 2 hotels, 3 bars (including the famous Basil’s Bar), 3 boutiques and 2 food stores.

There are 9 beaches of pure white sand which are mostly empty, with the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea on one side of the island and the larger waves of the Atlantic on the other.

Because of it’s luxury, isolation and unspoilt island lifestyle, Mustique attracts many sophisticated international guests and celebrities. There are no cruise ships here, only the occasional yacht. Many of the roads are not paved and there are no road signs, so there is a very non-commercial feeling to the island.

The island has a constantly warm climate (temperatures range between 28c and 32c) with mostly bright sunshine and gentle breezes. Humidity is low and the rainy season is usually between September and November. Even then it only rains for a short time and then is beautiful and sunny again.